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Brittana Writers Series: an Interview with Mia (hangedlikeadog)


After far too long of a delay*, I’m quite pleased to present the seventh in a series of interviews with writers in the Brittana fandom.

You may know Mia from, or through her rambunctious tumblr blog, and I consider her an up-and-coming writer in our fandom. Her work shows a sensitivity for both emotion and character, and I’m looking forward to what she has in store for us in the future.

OTW: Mia, you have a story in progress called Mariposa. Can you tell me what it’s about, what what prompted you to write it?

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Mia, OTW, this is wonderful! Great questions and such lovely, lovely answers. And I can learn something about my own writing here. Thank you for that, Mia.

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A ficlet prompted by lovely Miss Mia.



Santana froze—shocked awake like someone had stuck her with a needle.

“Britt—oh god,” she whispered. Brittany was quaking, quick as a hummingbird’s wing; her hand had stiffened like a claw around a fistful of Santana’s shirt. “Baby—baby, wake up.” She cupped Brittany’s jaw and kissed hasty constellations in her hair.

Brittany’s eyes snapped open. Her breath rose and fell like a spooked rabbit’s. 

“Santana,” she gasped. “Oh, San, you’re—“ Her face seized, and then she shattered into wracking sobs.

“Shhh.” Santana kissed her palms and her wet cheeks as she shook. “Shh. It’s okay, baby. I’m here.” She began to kiss her fingertips: each, carefully, from her pinkies to her thumbs. “I’m right here. You just had a bad dream.”

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I love the lacing of the drowned saving the drowned—and the sea salt damp that Santana is pulling Brittany back from. Beauty in the dark.

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Filed under Brittany was quaking quick as a hummingbird wing She cupped Brittany’s jaw and kissed hasty constellations in her hair Her breath rose and fell like a spooked rabbit’s She kissed Brittany’s nose and the corners of her mouth wicking away every mote of moisture and salt with her lips. Her kisses slowed as she alternated between Brittany’s cheek Brittany’s chest swelled and shrunk in Santana’s arms. Santana counted two three breaths remember... we would save each other over and over again I was so afraid you would feel how hard my heart was beating while you were pushing down on my chest I just wanted to put my mouth on yours They collapsed into giggles that rose like bubbles in the darkness Brittany tried to tilt her quivering lips into a smile And then she kissed Brittany soft and slow and deep until Brittany’s lips stopped trembling lovely lovely lajeunefilleenfleur!