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roamingreader asked: Find an atlas (or look up a map online), close your eyes, and point to a random spot. If you've been there, tell us a memory from there! And if you haven't, either tell us something you'd like to do there or describe what you think it would look like. (then rinse, wash, repeat! if it's fun)

My fingertip landed on Russia—somewhere I’ve always wanted to go—and so I remember that an old poet friend of mine once said that the young women in Russia have flawless, almost translucent skin. I’ve always loved Russian authors, and I imagine that all those pages come from their vast, seemingly limitless landscape, so much of the year glossed and shuttered closed with snow…

Next, I landed in the Pacific Ocean, far off the coasts of Japan. I’ve been there; it’s blue and cold and rough, except in the shallows of Hawaii, which has five different shades of blue and green…

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